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Stream Bank Stabilization Project: Chehalis, WA
Stream Bank Stabilization Project: Chehalis, WA

This project was a Lewis County Water Conservation District job to stabilize the banks of a small stream in a pasture found to support salmon fingerling.

General Information

Location -- Chehalis, WA
Applicator -- Country Green

Turn Farm
Prim -- Lewis County Water Conservation
Specifier / Supplier -- Lewis County Water Conservation

Case History

The stream had been damaged by cattle crossing and foraging near and in the stream. The project crew fenced off the stream the full length of the pasture leaving one area for

the cattle to cross. They then laid the stream bank back to about 5:1 in four areas. Each of these areas were treated with live willow stickings up the fresh cut bank and one three-foot wide strip of jute blanketing was placed at the low flow water line.


A 4,000 pound/acre treatment of Soil Guard® was applied

to each of the four areas by Country Green on October 11, 1994. Several large storm events have occurred since application. This stream rose more than two feet on one occasion with very little damage to the Soil Guard® as indicated by photos above. Vegetative cover is approximately 80% and no erosion is apparent.
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