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Commercial Restoration

Commercial Restoration

Application: Man-made holding pond.
Customer: RKI Construction
Location: Rosemount, Minn.


Washout conditions existed around a 9 1/2 acre drain field, located off a major highways. Crews did approximately five hours of grading with a D-3 Caterpillar to rectify extreme erosion conditions on the south-facing slope; otherwise, the developer wanted minimal ground preparation.


Erosion was a major problem at these site, despite many attempts with erosion control blankets. The slope around the pond was up to 3:1. Because it was a newly constructed development, there was no vegetation on the slope.

Soil Guard Solution

Soil Guard was applied in late August by a three-man crew from Jackson Landscape Supply, Inc. at 3,000 lbs. / acre. Soil Guard was applied in three different directions, to ensure complete coverage. The application was completed in 2 1/2 days. It was noted that if blankets were to be applied to the site, ground preparation alone would have taken 40 hours. Seed was applied at 150 lbs. / acre, in a mixture composed primarily of Park Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass. No fertilizer was added.


The site was inspected by several local county engineers. All were very impressed with the ease of installation. Germination began within 6 days and was widespread within 14 days. By the 21st day the matrix began to biodegrade.

On the final day of application, 2" of rain fell in a 7 hour period. The rain began only 4 hours after the last Soil Guard had been applied. Minimal Soil Guard washed into the pond. Where the matrix had been allowed to dry properly, however, no soil loss was observed.

Jackson Landscape Supply said "The demonstration successfully proved Soil Guard's potential to the area's contractors, applicators, and local county engineers. At the same time, it remedied the erosion problem at the holding pond.

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