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USFHA/DOT Product Evaluation: Interstate 5, Vancouver WA
USFHA/DOT Product Evaluation Interstate 5, Vancouver, WA

This is a joint product evaluation for erosion control by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration and the Washington State Department of Transportation.

General Information

Location -- Vancouver, WA
Applicator -- Terra Dynamics

Case History

It consists of approximately 20 erosion control products applied to a 3:1 east aspect slope four miles from the Oregon border in Vancouver, WA. There is a like study being performed in Idaho near Boise. Products vary from hydromulch to erosion control blankets

to bonded fiber matrix products including Soil Guard®.

The soil type is a very loose friable sandy loam that was cat tracked. It has a very high moisture holding capacity. All treatments were applied in late August. Precipitation since October 1, 1994 has been 19.17 inches with record falls in late October of 2.33 and 2.44 between October 26 and 31.

No erosion is apparent on any of the test plots. Vegetation establishment varies from a trace on one of the polymer treatments to near 100% coverage on the Soil Guard® plot. Soil Guard® has outperformed all the other treatments with regard to establishing a vegetative cover.

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