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Green Monkey Golf Course

History of Soil Guard On

Designed By: Thomas Fazio
Built By: Landscape Unlimited

This project was started by L&E Services (Lance & Martin) and Justin Seed company (Tracy Tally) in August of 2001. Located in the Sandy Lane complex at Holetown, Barbados, West Indies.


1. Soil on the island was of round sand that would not stay in place. The influence of the wind and unpredictable hard rains compounded the problem.

2. The customer had experienced previous difficulties during the grow-in period due to watering problems and extremely high percolation rates. These problems stem from the insufficient amount of quality water to support an operating resort and to establishment of vegetation.


1. Use Soil Guard to hold sand stable on all areas except greens. Use Soil Guard with seed in rough areas and without seed in tee boxes and non-bunker faces to hold soil in place. All sprigged areas were capped with Soil Guard. Bunker faces were covered with a tarp until block sod or sprigged and capped with Soil Guard.

2. Soil Guard’s water holding capacity would hold moisture around seed and sprigs longer than the soil alone. This would reduce the amount of water needed during grow in. The soil consisted of coral rocks, some black clay, and round sand which created high percolation rates. Customer additionally installed a new water desalination plant.


Soil Guard saved untold man-hours of reconstruction by holding sand in place. Native grass was showing by the fourth day. The course was one third established at this point. For actual results contact us and we will provide actual hands-on facts.

Continued Usage:

After seeing the ability of Soil Guard to speed up the grow-in period and to hold the sand in place the customer has increased the amount of acreage to which Soil Guard will be used. The property owner had requested Soil Guard to also be used around Club House and entrance road. At this current time the owner may expand the contract to include house lots.

L&E Services

Justin Seed Company

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