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Soil Guard® Bonded Fiber Matrix
Soil Guard® Bonded Fiber Matrix

The Seattle area experienced a heavy rain event on Friday, October 8, 1999. Here are some photos of a Soil Guard job that was put down on Tuesday, September 28, 1999. This is a housing development in Redmond, WA. It is at the top of a hill with another development below as well as a Salmon-spawning creek.

The developer, Conner Homes chose to use Soil Guard on the bases of each home pad, instead of straw and tack. His reasons for using a more expensive application were:

  • It costs
    him $1,000 per day per lot when he gets red tagged. It's less costly in the long run to use Soil Guard.
  • The erosion work takes less time, and his crews can be on-site sooner than if he did the three steps with Seed-Straw-Tack.
  • Because his homes sell for $250K to $350K he does not want straw grass growing in peoples lawns. He also does not want straw grass growing in the lawns of neighboring homes. And Soil Guard won't blow away. 

Here is Soil Guard® after the same 4" rain event. This is at a development on the Issaquah

Plateau. They recorded 4" between midnight and noon. It continued to rain heavily throughout the day. The application was on September 20, 1999. It was done for the same developer, Conner Homes.

When this job was done there was some concern about the product being able to dry. The pond was designed to let water seep in from a side that is a natural wetland, and it was doing just that when the Soil Guard was applied.

The pond was ¾ full of water the day before this picture was taken. Soil Guard® held up beautifully.

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