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Erosion Control Project: Michigan DOT
Erosion Control Project: Michigan DOT

This site was a demo for the Michigan Department of Transportation. Soil Guard was applied next to straw blankets. The area received over 1" of rain 48 hours after application. The Soil Guard held up well—the straw blankets had large amounts of washed out top soil at the base of the slope. After two weeks, grass was up and growing on the Soil Guard side.

General Information

Location -- Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Applicator -- Tim Wagner.
Prim -- M-Dot.
Specifier / Supplier -- M-Dot.
Owner -- M-Dot.



Soil Guard was applied at a rate of 3,000 pounds pre acre due to slope gradient. The material was shot from the turret from 2 sides with an arching rain effect, getting 100% coverage using this method.

Weather Conditions

The morning of the shoot it was 75 degrees and partly cloudy. The Soil Guard was shot in an 1 hour.


The M-Dot erosion control project went well. With rain so quickly after application, it was easy for the Michigan Department of Transportation to see the benefits of Soil Guard compared to straw blankets.

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