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Roadside Revegetation: Nevada DOT

Carson City Highway
Carson City, NV

General Information

Owner: Nevada Department of Transportation

Specifier: Julie Etra; Western Botanical Services, Inc.

Applicator: Western States Reclamation

Distributor: Buckley Powder

Time Period: November 2004 – May 2005


South facing 1 ½: 1 slopes experiencing up to 80 mph winds. Poor quality desert soils with no irrigation. Native seed mix, common to the area.

Case History:

When a nearby construction site was fined for excessive dust, the specifier decided to use Soil Guard Bonded Fiber Matrix.

The soils were first wet down to avoid further loosening. An application of regular 100% wood fiber mulch was applied with the full seed mix. It was topped off with Soil Guard to protect against high winds and winter conditions.

Germination, in these desert conditions was far beyond the expectations of the project owner.

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