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Mat, Inc. is a manufacturer of quality revegetation products for the hydraulic seeding industry. Our family of products are designed to satisfy requirements from the most difficult mountain slope to an easy home lawn. Use this product guide to select the product that is right for your project.
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is a100% wood fiber mulch designed to give top performance in hydraulic planting equipment. It features a high grade organic tackifier measured and premixed 3% byweight. It delivers increased performance and erosion control by strongly bonding the seed, fiber, and soil together. The tackifier also lubricates the slurry for improved pumpability and easy application.
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is a 100% wood fiber hydraulic planting mulch. Its long fibers interlock and cling to the soil, forming a protective web-like network that holds seeds in place. Sprays easily in one application for consistent growth and reliable performance. The result is faster, uniform growth, using the least amount of material, at the lowest total cost.
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has all the economic and performance benefits of our straight paper mulch RCP but features the added benefit of a powerful tackifier. Our Guar based tackifier is premixed by weight right in the bag so there is no need for measuring and mixing to be done in the field. This mulch is designed to handle basic lawn and turf applications and is rated for slopes of up to 4:1. Mat-RCP Plus is ideal for straw tacking or temporary ground cover.
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is a 100% Recycled Clean Paper mulch with for hydraulic planting. This is a mulch designed to handle basic lawn and turf applications and features the economy of a straight paper mulch. Rated for slopes of up to 5:1 this mulch is ideal for straw tacking or temporary ground cover. Use this mulch where ever fast mixing and pumpability are desired.
Mat Super Plus
Mat-Super Plus® is a short term SMM that was created to be used where an extra measure of protection is desired but where a full strength SMM is not needed.  Enhanced protection is achieved MSP's blend of whole wood fibers, tackifiers and a blend of proprietary ingredients.  Together they dry into a strong and flexible mat that reduces rain impact and slowly releases moisture into the soil.
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