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Mat, Inc. the manufacturer of quality erosion control products for almost twenty years is proud to announce the Soil Solutions line of consumer products for the hydraulic seeding industry.  Our family of products are designed to satisfy the requirements from the most difficult mountain slope to an easy home lawn. Below is a brief description of our new line of add-on products.  Use this product information guide to help you select the add-on products that are the right soil solutions for your next project.
Alkaline Adjuster
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Mat-AA-SS is a uniquely manufactured liquid catalyst which hastens the neutralization of excessive minerals and salts.  It can be mixed directly in the slurry with any seed and other mix components.  Use this Mat Soil Solution for fast and improved vegetative ground cover in environments with high alkaline pH water or soils.
Coverage Dye
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Mat-CD-SS is a highly concentrated green liquid spray dye.  It can be used in any hydroseeder with any of your favorite mulches or seed mixes.  Our coverage dye is nontoxic, non-staining and completely water soluble.  It mixes and dissipates quickly.  Use this Mat Soil Solution whe a rich deep green is desired to enhance all your hydroseeding operations.
Hydro Treatment
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Mat-HT-SS is a proprietary emulsion formulation of water treatment for high volume aqua-based applications.  It can be mixed directly with any mulch-seed mix.  Use this Mat Soil Solution for general hydroseeding enhancements including improved mixing, water retention, coverage or in higher concentrations as a high performance liquid tackifier.
Poly Acrylamide
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Mat-PA-SS is a proprietary blend of polymeric moisture retention and soil stabilizing resins.  Mat-PA-SS electrochemically strengthens the bonds of soil particles.  Use this Mat Soil Solution to increase water penetration while reducing soil crusting and soil migration due to erosion.
Spec Tack
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Mat-ST-SS is a high performance powdered tackifying formulation that provides easy mixing without lumping while yielding the fastest viscosity build up Vs. time ratio available.  Use this Mat Soil Solution for concentrated bonding to assure strong fiber networks and excellent seed to soil adhesion.
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